About Us

About Us

About Us

Pershia Metal Espadana Investment Co. was established in 2007. This company fulfills its duties and activities as a holding company.

Among the activities of this holding company are the following:

1- Controlling the stock affairs and forming the assemblies of its covered companies

2- Controlling the macro-parameters of the projects of the covered companies

3- Studying and issuing permission for developing the group companies

4- Studying, investment, and controlling the companies with related activities

Persia Metal Espadana Investment Co. considers all the construction stages of industrial factories (including technical and economic feasibility studies, design, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning, and operation) as its main activity, and with the collaboration and coordination of its covered companies, it has so far been able to do large industrial projects in EPC basis, which have sometimes been accompanied by capital investment through financing or usance for the projects. It is to note that the profit obtained from the activities of this holding company is contributed to a charity organization called “Ghaem Reza Charity”.